About Natural Diamonds

Natural Diamonds

Natural diamonds, forged over billions of years and hidden deep within the Earth, await human discovery. They are renowned for their rarity and value and are considered treasures the Earth bestowed upon us. Their history surpasses that of most life on Earth, making natural diamonds a natural wonder and a secret hidden within the Earth.

Natural diamonds are more than just rare crystalline formations in nature, they are also vessels of countless emotions. Owning a diamond is like preserving a beautiful moment, ensuring future generations can appreciate the blessings of the past, and meaningfully pass on its value for years to come.

About the Lucky Draw Event

"Happy Hong Kong" Natural Diamond Grand Lucky Draw

Customers have highly cherished natural diamond jewellery, and the Diamond Federation of Hong Kong (DFHK) has launched the “Happy Hong Kong - Natural Diamond Grand Lucky Draw” Event (referred to as the event). With the participation of over 350 jewellery shops, natural diamonds and shopping vouchers for diamond jewellery will be distributed, allowing customers to participate in a lucky draw while purchasing their beloved diamond jewellery. The more they spend, the higher their chances of winning, and further boosting the Hong Kong diamond and jewellery industry!

Event Information


2023-12-01 Diamond Federation of Hong Kong Launches "Happy Hong Kong" Natural Diamond Grand Lucky Draw with Prizes including a 3-Carat Natural Diamond and Shopping Vouchers for Diamond Jewellery Worth a Total of Over HKD 6 Million
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  • Eligible participants must be age 18 years or older at the time of registration for the lucky draw.
  • Customers who purchase one or more jewellery items containing natural diamond(s) (excluding lab grown diamond and watches), in one single receipt, from participating jewellery shops during the promotion period are eligible to participate in the lucky draw. A minimum purchase of HKD 5,000 in natural diamond jewellery, after discount, qualifies for one lucky draw entry. For every additional HKD 5,000 spending, participants earn an extra entry, with a cap of HKD200,000, equivalent to 40 entries.
  • After making a qualifying purchase from a participating jewellery shop, customers are required to register and provide necessary information including their full name (English name which is the same as the identity document), contact number, and email address presently in the shop. The registration process will be assisted by staff, and upon completion, participants will receive a QR code and a draw number as confirmation of successful participation.

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Organizer – Diamond Federation of Hong Kong

The Diamond Federation of Hong Kong (DFHK) is a non-profit organization with the goal of upholding integrity in the diamond industry and safeguarding consumer interests through unified business practices. DFHK’s mission is to maintain Hong Kong's reputation as the diamond hub of Asia, a world-renowned "shopping paradise," and an "Asian world city." To achieve this, DFHK has established close connections and collaborations with the Hong Kong Tourism Board, Consumer Council, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, and various government agencies over the years.

Building on the success of the "Quality Gold Mark" and "Natural Fei Cui Quality Mark" programs, DFHK launched the "Natural Diamond Quality Assurance" Mark scheme (NDQA) in 2015. Aiming to uphold Hong Kong's reputation as a diamond trading centre at both the trade and consumer levels, and lead the industry in protecting consumer’s rights. NDQA serves as a mark of confidence for diamond consumers, strengthening their confidence, increase awareness and desire for diamond jewellery in Hong Kong.